Review of Five Peaks Green Dew Green Tea

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I'd say this is my second-favorite of the green teas I've sampled from Arbor Teas so far.

The dry leaf is dark looking, with a fruity aroma, strangely suggestive of a strawberry tart or pastry.

Upon brewing, has a classic Chinese green tea profile. The suggestion of strawberry is present, but is like a hint or afterthought. Flavor is quite tangy, with a metallic aftertaste.

Arbor Teas says that this tea is also known as Jade Cloud or Green Jade. I have tried Rishi Tea's tea by this name, and it is one of my favorites; I was curious to see if this was the same tea, especially given that it is sourced from the same province, and both are organic and fair trade certified. It tasted slightly different to me. The leaf also looks considerably darker. I will say, I preferred Rishi's, but the strawberry aroma in this tea was quite unique and something that I did not encounter in Rishi's example.

It is also worth noting that this tea is cheaper than Rishi's, even if you buy in the smaller quantity.

I think it was unfortunate that I ordered this tea in winter; I can see it being much more enjoyable as a summer tea, both due to the peculiar strawberry aroma, and the brisk and tangy flavor profile that gives it a cooling quality.

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