Tea: Imperial Assam (Tea Bags)

An Assam from Hampstead Tea - O Organic - F Fair Trade

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Brand:Hampstead Tea
Region:Assam, India
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I think I've found my breakfast tea, or in any case a certain kind of breakfast tea for a certain kind of mood. I think I've mentioned in other reviews that I tend to like my breakfast teas sweet, strong, and milky: my taste buds aren't so good at subtlety early in the morning.

The tea doesn't smell particularly strong, either in dry or brewed form, but the flavor of the brewed cup is powerfully malty/ Some people may find the result unbalanced, but I like teas that are malty and sour without being incredibly bitter, which is a trick this tea does quite well. It most assuredly woke me up. It might give you a bit of a sour stomach if you drink it completely unsweetened or without milk, however.

Perhaps I got an especially good deal, but the box I bought was comically cheap for an organic tea, let alone a pretty good one.

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