Tea: Ceylon Breakfast Black Tea

A Ceylon Black Tea from Wegmans

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Style:Ceylon Black Tea
Region:Sri Lanka / Ceylon
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Review of Ceylon Breakfast Black Tea

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Dry leaf is unimpressive looking, relatively small broken pieces of orthodox black tea, but to me it has the most pleasing aroma of all of Wegmans offerings of pure black teas. Unfortunately, the brewed cup did not taste quite as amazing as the dry leaf smelled.

Upon brewing (4 minutes as recommended), produces a rich reddish-brown cup that is suprisingly clear. Aroma is complex, fruity, and with both malty characteristics and a sort of light freshness. Shares some characteristics with both high-grown and low-grown teas. An almost cinnamon-like quality develops upon drinking the cup, and there are faint tones of wintergreen as well.

Flavor very clean. Surprisingly little astringency relative to how strong this tea is. Really enjoyable.

I was able to make two infusions, but the second was rather bland, even steeping a full 10 minutes. This tea didn't work as well for multiple infusions as whole-leaf Ceylons: compare to Greenfield Estate Ceylon Black from Arbor Teas: the first cup of this tea was almost as good, but that tea was able to brew 2 or 3 infusions with ease.

I prefer brewing longer (6 minutes or more) and only making one cup.

Above average for a Ceylon tea, and inexpensive compared to some high-quality teas. Still, costs a great deal more than Ahmad Tea's Ceylon, and I prefer that tea.

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