Review of Rooibos Chai (Formerly Ruby Chai)

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A good caffeine-free 'chai' which is completely dominated by clove, for better or for worse.

This tea had a rich, cloudy red color, much lighter red than most rooibos, suggesting that this blend actually does not contain a majority of rooibos.

The aroma is dominated by clove, and nutmeg, allspice, and cinnamon are also evident. Clove definitely dominates the aroma. I can't notice the cinnamon and cardamom as much, which makes sense because they're listed last on the ingredient list.

I personally think there is way too much clove; some of the other spices are more subtle and the base rooibos definitely gets bowled over by clove, which has a very sharp, piercing flavor.

Flavor is sharp and crisp, and the cup leaves a tingly, numbing sensation on the palate, presumably from the clove, which I find has a numbing quality.

This was actually the least balanced blend I've tried yet from Numi, although the sharpness and boldness of the flavor definitely fits with the aesthetic of the brand overall.

I'd recommend avoiding this one if you want a balanced rooibos chai, but if you love clove, this might be a good choice. I personally thought the clove was way too much.

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