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An Earl Grey Tea from Frontier - O Organic - F Fair Trade

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An Earl Grey with a classic flavor profile, but on the weak side. I see on Frontier's new website that this tea uses the Irish Breakfast Tea as a base, probably a good choice because a strong base tea is needed to hold its own against the bergamot flavoring.

Dry leaf is finely broken, and has a classic Earl Grey flavor.

Upon brewing, the aroma is typical for Earl Grey, but strongly suggests sourness. When brewing more strongly, the aroma becomes slightly perfumey.

Flavor is surprisingly mild and mellow. This is reminiscent of Twinings' Earl Grey. It's like a slightly more nuanced, refined version of a tea in the same style as that tea.

I personally prefer Earl Grey with a little more strength and bite. I tried brewing this with more leaf and a longer steeping time, and it was still too weak for my tastes. Price is very reasonable though, given that it is both organic and fair trade certified.

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