Tea: English Afternoon

An Earl Grey Tea from Ahmad Tea

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Brand:Ahmad Tea
Style:Earl Grey Tea
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Review of English Afternoon

6 of 104 of 55 of 570 of 100

Surprisingly Strong. A robust black tea with a strong, malty base but lighter overtones as well. The flavoring is Earl-grey-like, a light bergamot scent, slightly lemony and perfumey as well. Aroma rather floral, suggestive of rose and Queen Anne's lace.

Bold flavor. Quite bitter and tannic, with an astringent finish that I actually found quite pleasant. I recommend brewing on the low end of the recommendations...Ahmad recommends 3-5 minutes but I found that at 3 minutes, it was almost too strong for me, especially given that I was expecting a slightly mellower tea.

Very good though. I would gladly drink again and I'd prefer this to any of the namesake Earl Greys on the market: the base teas are more evident and the flavoring does not overpower. And like all Ahmad's teas, the price is very reasonable: this tea offers exceptional value.

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