Review of Dragon Well Loose Green Tea

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I've sampled a bunch of dragonwell lately and most of it either falls really solidly into the legit zone, or is unrecognizable as its style and not particularly pleasant to drink. This one is somewhere in between. I'd say it's legit but among the lower-end of the teas I'd label in this fashion. Think enjoyable, but not too legit to quit drinking it.

Wegmans recommends brewing with near-boiling water. I tried using water at about 180F out of curiosity, as I do for most green teas, and it was a bit bland and watery. I tried again with near-boiling water and it produced much better results, a more full-bodied cup with a richer flavor! Proof that some green teas really do best with very hot water!

Aroma is pleasing, and complex, but not particularly strong. Aroma has tones of chestnut, grass, and a hint of something vaguely like rosemary, spruce, or lavender. Toasty finish.

There's a bit of a metallic sensation in the mouth when drinking this. Less astringency, and more bitterness, which is a combination I like. A slightly strange sourness in the finish.

Good. I'd drink this again. I think this is the best Chinese green tea I've tried from Wegmans, which I think tends to do a better job of Japanese green teas. At $50 a pound it's not cheap but also not among the priciest examples of this type of tea.

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