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A Bancha from Wegmans

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This was a surprisingly good tea, the best broken-leaf bancha I have ever tried. Finely broken leaf looks unimpressive, and has a mild grainy aroma, like porridge or grits.

I brewed considerably longer than Wegmans recommended--their 1-1.5 minute guide seemed on the short side. This produced a mild, smooth cup that was quite pleasing. Aroma is mostly of grain or porridge, suggestive of corn, especially grits, possibly barley as well. A few vegetal tones and a faint grassiness.

Very little bitterness or astringency. I found this surprisingly subtle for how cheap it was and how broken the leaf was. Very clean flavor.

I was easily able to brew two flavorful cups. The first cup had a stronger corn / grain aroma, the second cup was a little more herbaceous, and had tones of mint that were absent in the first cup.

I could see making this an everyday tea. It is mild and easy to drink in quantity; the price is very low and it is surprisingly good at brewing multiple cups, for how finely broken the leaf is.

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