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A Jasmine Tea from Ahmad Tea

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Brand:Ahmad Tea
Style:Jasmine Tea
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I regularly drink jasmine green tea, and this jasmine-scented black tea was a completely new experience for me. It was very different, and a bit odd at first, but as I've drunk more of it (I'm glad I got a half pound) I've come to like it very much.

Dry leaf has a potent but smooth jasmine aroma. I don't notice much of the base tea's aroma until I actually brew the cup. I don't know what base tea is used, but the leaf style looks very different from other Ahmad teas...it consists of slightly curved, large pieces of broken leaf.

Upon brewing, produces a very rich, dark cup. The aroma still has a strong jasmine presence, but now has rich earthy, malty, and fruity tones. More than Ahmad's other teas, this strongly suggests a Chinese black tea like a Keemun.

Has a strong warming quality.

I love the tea's flavor...the aroma is a little peculiar though.

I prefer brewing this tea more strongly. When brewing it on the weaker side, the aromas seem to clash, and the base tea's aroma seems weaker. When brewing it stronger, the base tea's presence seems to come out more, and for some reason the aromas seem to meld together better.

Like all Ahmad's loose-leaf teas, this one offers exceptional value. I was even able to brew a second cup with the same set of leaves, and it still had a good balance of the aromas of the jasmine and the base tea.

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