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An Assam from Mountain Rose Herbs - O Organic - F Fair Trade

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Brand:Mountain Rose Herbs
Region:Assam, India
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Strong, unique, and very afforable!

This was an interesting tea, and completely unlike any other Assam I've sampled. The tea it seemed most similar to, to me, was actually a Keemun from Arbor teas, that was also atypical for its style.

I recommend a brief infusion: it infuses quite fast, and I find it tastes best with only a 1-2 minute steeping.

Aroma is very smoky, not quite as much as Lapsang Souchong but about like some Russian Caravan blends I've had. Something in the aroma suggests a sort of harshness or astringency, but upon drinking the cup it is surprisingly smooth, but be warned: when steeping longer (3 minutes was too much) it becomes bitter and astringent.

Quite smoky, with quite strong undertones of wintergreen, leaving a wintergreen finish on the palate. There are also fruity tones in the aroma, almost like fruit salad or a fruity cocktail, less like the usual tones of raisins or other dried fruit that I'm more likely to encounter in black teas.

Really reasonable price...not only is this tea organic and fair trade certified, but it's quite cheap, quite tasty, and quite unique and interesting as well!

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