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A Sencha from Wegmans

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A very pleasant and affordable green tea. Strangely potent, given how mild tasting it is.

I tend not to like these matcha-infused teas, preferring either to drink actual matcha or just plain green tea, but this one was better than some of them. I also found that more of the matcha character came out in this tea than in other samples of these matcha-infused teas that I've tried.

Dry leaf has a lurid green color, and a mild aroma suggestive of sweetness.

Flavor is very sweet. Aroma is vegetal, but in a soft way, not overwhelming, and there are hints of corn. Less grassy and seaweedy than typical for sencha, but these qualities come out a little more in the finish. Dusty mouthfeel.

This is one of the sweetest pure teas I've tried in a long time.

Very inexpensive for a Japanese green tea of this quality.

I recommend a brief steeping, as recommended (1 minute was ideal for me). Although the flavor is mild, this tea can become strangely overwhelming if steeped too long.

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