Tea: China Green Tips Full Leaf

A Green Tea from Tazo Tea

This tea has been retired/discontinued.

Picture of China Green Tips Full Leaf
Brand:Tazo Tea
Style:Green Tea
Region:Zhejiang, China
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Review of China Green Tips Full Leaf

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When Starbucks switched to what they call full leaf sachets, I noticed a big improvement in quality, often manifested in complexity of the aroma. This is one of the teas where I found the aroma increased most in complexity.

This green tea is REALLY vegetal. Like, intensely vegetal, much more so than I remember the old tea bag as (Although they still sell the old tea bags, I haven't tried them because I only drink this tea in Starbucks). So much that it surprises me.

I find the cup seems spinachy, a little like broccoli, and with floral tones. The aroma is suggestive of peppercorns, but there is no peppery sensation. Only a hint of the toasty qualities that I normally encounter in a lot of Chinese green teas. I find the toasty qualities come out more upon finishing the cup.

Brews a golden cup and easy to brew too strongly. I prefer to take it out pretty quickly after I'm served the cup at Starbucks, but then I resteep it and it's usually good for two, if not three steepings.

Brewed the way I like it, the flavor is mellow, a little on the tangy / sour side, with only hint of bitterness and a hint of sweetness as well. I find if I let this tea steep too long, it becomes unpleasantly sour, as well as having a somewhat strange bitter aftertaste.

Good, overall. This is not what I'd consider a user-friendly green tea. I can imagine people who are die-hard fans of the sorts of green teas Chinese that are not popular in the US may like this one more.

I definitely prefer it to the old one in tea bags, but it's not the sort of tea that I'd recommend to just anyone.

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