Review of Bulk Lemon Balm, Cut & Sifted, Organic

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I'm used to drinking iced herbal tea brewed from fresh lemon balm, or from my own dried batches of the herb, which I dry in whole-leaf form. This herb was pretty finely broken, and had a pretty different flavor and aroma.

The aroma is only very mildly lemony, much less so than my own batches of the herb, but it's very pleasant. The aroma is reminiscent of hay, straw, or alfalfa. Much less vegetal than my own dried versions of this herb, but there are still some vegetal undertones. Flavor is crisp, and there's a pleasing bitterness and a tangy quality. Pleasantly astringent, but not overwhelmingly so. There's also a slightly sweetness, especially in the finish.

The color of the brew is quite dark, as dark as some of the lighter black teas--when I brew this tea myself, even from the dried herb, it comes out very light.

I found this to be quite's not really the same as the stuff I've grown in my garden though, and I strongly prefer my own lemon balm.

I used a heaping teaspoon of leaf and brewed for 8 minutes. This may be a bit astringent for some people's tastes, but I liked it with a stronger flavor.

The price would seem reasonable, when compared to other bulk lemony herbs, but I can't see buying it because this herb is so easy to grow and dry yourself where I live, and I think the home-grown stuff tastes much better.

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