Review of Organic Decaf English Breakfast

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Like Paisley's other offerings, this is finely-broken tea in a flat paper tea bag.

In contrast to Paisley's other teas, which I found overwhelmingly strong, this one was weaker than typical for black tea. I steeped it a bit longer than normal, and both the color and flavor were on the mellow side.

The aroma is initially quite flat. I became uninterested in the cup, and returned to sip it once it had cooled to room temperature, and then I found a pleasant fruity quality came out. The finish was still astringent and overall flat in aroma.

Admittedly, it is very tough to make decaf tea taste good. But this is not among the best decaf teas I've tried, not even from a simple, flat tea bag like this one. Yorkshire Tea takes the cake in this category.

I was disappointed, as I had high expectations in trying this tea. Two Leaves and a Bud sets the bar quite high with their black teas, and I also recently was impressed with Novus Tea's decaf Ceylon Kenilworth. Why would a brand as good as Two Leaves launch a new brand of tea without having a top-notch product?

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