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A Jasmine Tea from Wegmans

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Dry leaf has a very fruity aroma that I'm not terribly fond of, almost suggestive of bubble-gum. I find it cloying.

Upon brewing, the aroma is similar, slightly less offensive...less floral and more fruity than normal for jasmine, and balanced by some sort of edgy herbaceous undertones of the base tea. Very smooth flavor, but with bitter undertones.

I like that this has a bold base tea, and I wish I could taste this tea more. The jasmine scenting is too much, and it has an artificial quality to it.

Very sensitive to brewing temperature: I recommend keeping it on the low side. This tea becomes bitter and astringent if steeped too long and/or if the water is too hot.

This tea was very cheap, but good Chinese green tea, including organic certified batches, tends to be cheap, and I think I can get much better stuff for this price. This is not one I'd buy again.

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