Tea: Lavender Sencha Green Tea

A Flavored Green Tea from Wegmans

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Style:Flavored Green Tea
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Review of Lavender Sencha Green Tea

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This one was a bit odd.

The combination of lavender and sencha, oddly produces a smell similar to fruit loops. It's also a smell I associate a bit with soap or shampoo.

I brewed briefly as recommended (1 minute), and the tea was a bit weak for my tastes. I tried steeping 3 minutes, because this brings out more of the flavor of the base tea, which makes it taste a little more natural, and less like fruit loops, but it also made it somewhat bitter.

Overall the flavor was more bitter than I like--and I normally like bitterness in tea.

Good for two infusions pretty easily, even with a longer steeping.

Has a resinous mouthfeel, and leaves a slightly sticky, dry, feeling on the palate, which I am pretty sure is from the lavender, as lavender tends to produce this quality. It's only slight, but I found it was noticeable when compared to sencha, which can be astringent, but is usually not sticky or resinous.

I liked this tea cold better than hot.

Price is low-ish, but I didn't enjoy it enough to buy it again, and there are a lot of teas, including pure green teas, that I enjoy more in this price range.

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