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Like the other Wegmans jasmine teas, I found the dry leaf to have a cloying, bubble gum like sweetness.

Unfortunately, I found this aroma persisted into the brewed cup more than I'd like. Something about it screams artificial. I don't know if this tea is naturally scented but it's one of the less natural Jasmine variants I've tried.

Something about the flavor I found harsh...it's not that it's bitter but that there are some sort of unpleasant undertones, and the cup seems to leave an astringency on the back of the palate.

Wegmans recommends 1 teaspoon per leaf, but with a tea like this, this is almost meaningless. I found one small teaspoon fit about 15 pearls, but I found this produced too strong a cup for me, when brewed for the recommended 3 minutes. I recommend fewer pearls, maybe around 8, unless you want a briefer steeping or wish to do Gong Fu style brewing.

Also concerning is the astronomical price: $80 a pound. I liked this tea less than Wegmans default jasmine green tea, and that tea is pretty cheap, although I also thought it wasn't particularly good.

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