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A Genmaicha from Octavia Tea

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Most genmaicha is more or less similar and I often find it hard to judge them. This was not true of this tea--it was completely different, and quickly became my favorite example of this style of tea.

Without a doubt the most aromatic genmaicha that I've ever tried. The base tea has a stronger presence, and more distinctive aroma, than a typical green tea base for one of these teas.

The cup has a strong, initial popcorn-like aroma, but upon drinking, it is much more vegetal, like spinach.

This is the smoothest of Octavia's teas so far, definitely on the mellow side, but I still found it to be stronger and have a bit more kick than a typical genmaicha. More bitter and less astringent, which I like. There's also a slight sweetness, which I find very pleasant, and some umami. All of this I think points to a high-quality base tea.

Thanks again to Velvet Sky Bakery in Jenkintown for serving this one!

As excellent as this tea is, the price is astronomical. Is it worth paying? I don't know. I can't see buying this one regularly because it competes with so many top-notch green teas. For something I bought in a cafe though, it was excellent.

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