Review of Superfine Anxi Qing Xiang TieGuanYin Oolong Tea

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When I was a little girl I spent a large portion of summer surrounded by Honeysuckles and sampling their delightful nectar, the aroma is very comforting and nostalgic to me. When I opened the packet of this tea I was immediately inundated with the smell of honeysuckles. Combine the aroma with the vibrant green color of the leaves and it is like a beautiful tea.

I have a hard time reviewing Tieguan Yin Oolong because it is my favorite tea and I tend to wax poetic about it when left alone, but this one seemed very different from the moment I first sniffed it. I am used to a more gentle floral aroma, more evocative of spring's first bloom than summer's heady smell. The undertones of vegetal bring the summer similarities full swing.

The taste brings the vegetal and floral aromas to a delightful dance. It almost tastes like a tea made from fresh flowers rather than tea leaves. If someone handed me this tea without telling me what it is I would either guess a very light green or flower tea, because it is certainly the most floral Oolong I have ever had.

Is this now my new favorite Tieguan Yin? I doubt it, but it certainly is one of my new favorite teas. I look forward to drinking this on nights when I need to remember my youth.

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