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A Rooibos from Choice Organic Teas - O Organic - F Fair Trade

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Brand:Choice Organic Teas
Region:South Africa
Caffeine:Caffeine Free
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I thought this was an unusually high-quality rooibos for a simple, reasonably priced tea bag.

Rich earthy aroma, with some complexity; I detect the faint hint of vanilla and fruitiness that is the hallmark of good rooibos. This is on par with much of the loose-leaf rooibos that I've tried. Full-bodied, strong, and low astringency. All-around quality.

I still would prefer loose-leaf for reasons of sustainability, but I think this would be a good choice if you do want rooibos in tea bags. It is also organic and fair trade certified, and at $5 a box, it's cheaper than other organic and fair trade brands offering comparable quality.

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