Review of Dragonwell (Lung Ching)

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The aroma of the dry leaves is very pleasingly fruity and grassy; however, the fruitiness transforms into a mellow floral the moment hot water hits the leaves. The first steeping is very grassy and noticeably savory with a slight—yet not unpleasant—bitterness. In the first steeping, floral and sweet tastes are somewhat hidden behind the potent grassiness, but come out in the aftertaste. The second and third steepings are much more balanced, the bitterness subsides, as does much of the umami, allowing the sweet and floral hints shine through.

I steeped this tea using 3 g of leaves in 6 oz. of ~175ºF water for 2 mins on the first two steepings and 3 mins on the third and final steeping. This tea, although not top notch, costs about $5 for 4 ounces, a real steal!

Upon further tasting—this time instead with a gaiwan—I have detected a subtle nutty note, perhaps that of walnut or almond. It is most apparent in the second steeping.

This tea has grown on me, at first I was not entirely sure I liked this tea, but now after drinking it several times, I like this tea very much. I will definitely get it again; it’s great price means I feel no guilt in brewing cup after cup.

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