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A Tie Guan Yin from TeaSource

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Style:Tie Guan Yin
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This is a TeaSource tea I have been drinking for awhile now. I like it very much, both due to it's taste and low price. It is about $10 for 4 oz. This is an everyday tea for me when I have the time for all 6 steepings. I brew this tea using 3g of leaves in 6 oz of 190ºF water with a quick rinse and at 3 mins for steepings one through five, 4 mins and 30 sec for steeping six. I steep this tea in a yixing teapot I have devoted specifically to Tie Guan Yins.

The beautifully and densely rolled dry leaves have the most wonderful fruity scent with just a slight hint of a springy grassiness. The liquor is a clear golden-yellow and has a calming fruity-floral smell. The silky tea liquor tastes sweet and fruity with a subtle grassy aftertaste and every so slight astringency.

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