Tea: Black Pearl

A Yunnan Red from Mandala Tea

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Brand:Mandala Tea
Style:Yunnan Red
Region:Yunnan, China
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Top notch! A rich, complex black tea with a classic Yunnan character, yet a unique signature of its own. Great for multiple infusions, and exhibits different characteristics in each cup.

Mandala recommended 2-4 pearls; it looks like 3 pearls is about a typical serving that I'd use for a cup of tea, so that was spot-on.

Infuses very fast. The pearls unfurl quickly and the tea itself seems to steep quickly, producing a robust, strongly aromatic cup with a dark color even after 1 minute.

Aroma is potent, complex, and peculiar. It has some interesting floral tones, and is also suggestive of nutmeg. The resemblance to nutmeg is striking. This tea practically screams "Yunnnan" both with its aroma and slightly peppery finish.

The second infusion has a smokey quality, like wood smoke, that was totally absent in the first cup. It tastes more similar to a lot of darker, traditional Fujian teas I've had, like traditional Lapsang Souchong (not the intensely smoky stuff).

The third infusion is milder, even when steeping for more than 5 minutes. It's not quite as complex, but still very enjoyable. I found the third infusion had a cleaner, cooler feel, and was less smoky and less vegetal. I think that's about all I can get out of this tea. Still, 3 good steeps is impressive.

This tea is pricey--but that's to be understood with these rolled teas--and I think this tea has quality to back it up...when considering how well it works with multiple steepings, and how good it is overall, I think this tea offers good value.

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