Tea: Orange & Cinnamon Spice

An Herbal Tea from Twinings

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Style:Herbal Tea
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With Autumn coming up in the next few weeks, I thought I'd give my new collection of cinnamon spice teas a try. Twinings Orange & Cinnamon Spice was the first.

So, I wasn't all that impressed. I'll give them credit though... it did certainly make me think of fall, with a smell and texture reminding me of the cough syrup I got a yearly basis during 'cold season' in school -- I kid not. I also agree that the heavy orange flavoring tasted pretty artificial.

Twinings scored a few extra points from me because I really did appreciate the light hints of cinnamon. I actually think I would have preferred more cinnamon over their orange flavoring... mmm. The orange smell was a bit too sour for my nose, if that is possible!

I also forgot to mention that I didn't let the tea steep for an entire 3-5 minutes as suggested, because I could sense that it was going to be too strong for my taste. I'm assuming this would have packed quite a punch if I let it go that far. I only steeped it for 1 minute.

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Alex Zorach wrote:
on September 17th, 2013

I also found this one tasted pretty artificial to me.

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