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Member since Jan. 28th, 2012. Reviewed 142 teas.

I'm big on coffee and becoming more into tea. I'm finding that there is a lot to learn! I like vegetable-y tasting teas, and teas that are floral scented. I'll try any almost any kind of tea, the only kinds I'm not a big fan of are fruity flavored ones. I like supporting companies who practice fair trade, offer organic teas, and use biodegradable packaging.

I'm really interested in native plant/ecological landscaping and hope to run a native plant nursery and landscaping business someday. I have a passion for cooking and drinks, and love to try new foods. My hobbies include hiking, bird watching, tea drinking (obviously!), and dancing, blues, salsa, and swing. I have an infinitely curious mind, ask a lot of questions, and am also a big nerd. :)