Review of Decaffeinated Chai (Chai Decaf)

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This one sort-of works--as the spices make it matter a lot less that the base tea is as bland as it is.

I tried this out of curiosity, open to the possibility that I might pour it out without drinking (as I have with some decaf teas). I was pleasantly surprised, which in retrospect, makes considerable sense, since the dominant flavor in masala chai is the spice, rather than the tea itself.

Pungent, with a somewhat peculiar aroma but nevertheless recognizable as masala chai. I notice clove, ginger, and cinnamon as the dominant qualities in the aroma. Something about the aroma seems to suggest green apples to me, which I find a bit odd.

The flavor is sour and the mouthfeel sharp, but, in spite of the sharpness, I find this tea has a thin body. It also is light in color.

There's not much black tea flavor.

I'd definitely prefer this to any decaffeinated straight black tea, but I wonder why they used decaf tea as the base, and not something else tea-like like rooibos or red raspberry leaf. The spices hide the flavor of the tea anyway, and what is needed is depth and body...and this tea doesn't deliver that.

Drinkable and enjoyable but I probably wouldn't buy it of my own accord.

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Sylvia wrote:
on December 29th, 2013

I suspect I would like it significantly less if it had an herbal tea base.

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