Tea: Refresh Mint Full Leaf

A Mint Tea from Tazo Tea

This tea has been retired/discontinued.

Picture of Refresh Mint Full Leaf
Brand:Tazo Tea
Style:Mint Tea
Caffeine:Caffeine Free
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Review of Refresh Mint Full Leaf

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This full-leaf sachet definitely offers an upgrade in experience relative to the old, flat tea bag. The first thing I notice is that there is much more leaf, leading to a very potent cup.

The overall character of the blend is the same, but I thought it was a little more complex: the mint was more herbaceous and smelled just a little more like fresh mint leaves. Like the original, there's a good balance between the spearmint and peppermint. Having blended mint quite extensively myself, I know how tricky this can be to achieve--peppermint tends to overpower even when it's included in smaller quantity.

I also notice the interesting flavor of tarragon in the finish...I really love the addition of the tarragon, it's easily unnoticeable in the aroma but it ads a very nice flavor and sensation on the palate, especially in the aftertaste.

Although there is a lot more leaf in the sachet than in the old tea bag, it infuses more slowly, so I found my old preference of about a 2 minute infusion to still work well.

Like the original, the second infusion had a creamier, sweeter character to it. However, I found that there was much more flavor left for a second cup in this full-leaf sachet, relative to the old flat tea bag. Definitely an upgrade, and since Starbucks is now serving these full leaf sachets instead of the old tea bags, for about the same price, I feel like I'm getting more for my money...one thing these days that is improving faster than inflation!

One last comment is that, even though I think mint makes a good iced tea, I thought this tea tasted best hot. When cooled to warm temperature, there's an odd sourness to the flavor that I don't like. Perhaps it would be good iced, but I tend to like to sip it quickly to drink it while it's still hot.

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