Review of Green Moroccan Mint Tea

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I sampled this from a friend's house, a very fresh box that we newly opened, and I disliked it, so I know the issue was the quality of the tea rather than freshness.

This is a rather innocuous, although boring tea. The flavor is pleasant but the aroma is weak and muddled. Brews a clear light yellow color.

Traditionally, Moroccan mint tea would have gunpowder green tea, a strong, smoky green tea, blended with spearmint or apple mint. This blend contains both spearmint and peppermint--and I dislike the use of peppermint as I think spearmint blends much better with pure teas than peppermint does. It also includes lemongrass, an addition I find more welcome. I'm not a strict traditionalist, but I do think if a tea is labelled as "Moroccan mint" it is more honest (not to mention better tasting) to use spearmint, not peppermint, and to use a strong, brisk green tea as the base.

I honestly can't taste the tea in this one, nor can I taste the lemongrass, which is a shame because I love lemongrass.

Although this blend was free of strong objectionable qualities, it tasted very generic and uninteresting. There was a somewhat unpleasant muted sour/bitter aftertaste. Overall, it just tasted flat.

Although I continue to be unimpressed with Choice Organic Teas overall, I think this blend was below average. Some of their other offerings, although never truly impressing me, were better than this one.

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