Tea: O Christmas Tea

A Flavored Green Tea from Capital Teas

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Brand:Capital Teas
Style:Flavored Green Tea
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I was able to taste Capital Teas at the Philadelphia Coffee and Tea Festival. I had seen them in my tea magazines and have come very close to putting in an order. Since tasting them, I will definitely order off of them-I have many of their teas listed on my Christmas list!
This was not a tea I would typically be drawn too, green is not my tea of choice usually. However, I am so glad I tried this. It was amazing to say the least. The smell is very aromatic when brewing, but then all 3 Capital Teas I bought are. I think you can taste all the flavors noted in the ingredients (orange pieces, peppercorn, almond slices, marigold petals), the combination really accents the sencha green tea. I have been making everyone taste this, including my daughters. My oldest said-tastes like tea, but it is a little better than the others. That coming from her is a compliment, honest!
My 4 oz tin is almost gone. I hope they have this around after Christmas or at least make it again next year. It is a wonderful keeper in my book!

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