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A Silver Needle from Wegmans

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Silver Needle Tea can be extremely fickle to brew and very subtle in flavor and aroma. It is typically a very mild and smooth tea, and this sample of Wegman's was very much in character.

Brief steepings at about 190 degrees produced a weak aroma, and yet nice flavor of sweet grass with a touch of melon. For a first flush tea there is very little down on the tea leaves, but they are obviously of high quality. I am just a bit surprised by the weak flavor and aroma, and suspect that it is either due to the age of the tea, or a different cultivar than any I have tasted previously.

For a really wonderful version of this tea try Seven Cups Bai Hao Yin Zhen (Silver Needle).

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Alex Zorach wrote:
on December 13th, 2013

I've wanted to try more teas from Seven Cups. When perusing their site in order to research to write up a blurb for their RateTea listing, I was really impressed with what I saw on their website. I also have heard others speak very highly of them.

Unfortunately, the only two teas that I've tried from them have been old-style Tie Guan Yins that I think were selected by people who have somewhat different tastes from me in oolongs, so I wasn't wowed by them.

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