Tea: Lemongrass Tea

A Lemongrass from McCormick

This tea has been retired/discontinued.

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subtle lemongrass smell...VERY light flavor....would probably need 3 bags to get as strong as I like...but the flavor is good and pure of lemongrass...doesn't seem to have any off flavors...just wish it was stronger x2

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Alex Zorach wrote:
on December 18th, 2013

I thought it was cool that McCormick sells a pure lemongrass herbal tea. I think it makes sense though, what you say in your review, about wanting it to be stronger.

I love brewing an herbal tea from lemongrass, but when I do, I use A LOT of leaf...usually 2-3 teaspoons worth, more than would fit in most tea bags, so it sort of makes sense to me that a basic tea bag like this might not be strong enough. I love lemongrass, but it's definitely not as potent as some of the other lemon herbs...lemon myrtle is the other way around...I use a lot less leaf because it is so incredibly strong tasting.

I also notice this when cooking with lemongrass. I love having a strong lemongrass flavor, but I find I need to add quite a lot of it to achieve that.

I suspect that, when blending herbs into tea bags, because of space constraints, lemon myrtle might be a better choice for making strong lemony flavors, whereas lemongrass is probably better suited to imparting a more subtle lemony flavor.

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