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A Gunpowder Green Tea from The Tea Room

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Brand:The Tea Room
Style:Gunpowder Green Tea
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Bought at TJ Maxx; $3 for a 3.5 ounce tin--which seems cheap for loose-leaf tea, but is actually relatively pricey for gunpowder. Dry leaf smells wonderfully fresh though: herbaceous and only faintly smoky.

Steeped for for over 4 minutes with near-boiling water. Brews up a rich golden color. No unpleasant harshness...pretty smooth, slightly tangy. Relatively weak aroma, however: only faintly smoky, mostly herbaceous. There is a hint of faint floral tones; I wish there were more of these!

Very pleasant, although not terribly complex or interesting. I recently tried a gunpowder tea from Infuze, and it was very different from this one; this was less fruity and I think the aroma was less complex, but I preferred its flavor. I think this tea was a good deal at the discount price, but the list price on the website, $10.55 for the same quantity, seems overpriced. I wouldn't buy this tea at either price--but I'd be curious to try some of the other teas from this company.

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