Review of Honeybush (Bushmen's Brew)

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I tried this one evening since it is a caffeine-free Numi option. It is not a true tea, but a tisane of a shrub variety related to rooibos. Now I really love rooibos, but this, to me, was even better, and I am definitely going to buy more, I liked it that much!

Here is a robust, comforting, and revitalizing liquor that heightens the senses, transporting you to a distant Arabian open market, with the hot dessert winds intermingling the fragrances of frankincense, sandalwood, and aromatic tobaccos billowing through handmade textiles and organic linens.

I was able to get three successful infusions from one tea bag, and it is excellent with nothing added. Exquisitely exotic and mystifying. Would pair well with coconut curries, thick beef stews, warm quick breads, and delectable desserts... or simply all by itself! I highly recommend this if you enjoy rooibos.

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