Tea: Earl Grey Classic Tea

An Earl Grey Tea from Fortnum & Mason

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Brand:Fortnum & Mason
Style:Earl Grey Tea
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A solid British-style Earl Grey, smooth and easy to drink. I'm excited that I finally got to try a loose-leaf tea from Fortnum and Mason. I have been unimpressed by their tea bags, but their loose-leaf is definitely a step up in quality.

Broken-leaf with a classic Earl Grey aroma, both of the dry loose-leaf tea, and after brewing.

Upon drinking, this has a slight sour and savory quality, and smells quite lemony, but is definitely on the smoother side. Not very bitter up front, but with a slight bitter undertone. Tones of spice in the aroma, but overall, not very complex.

I tried brewing at both ends of the recommended steeping times--3 minutes and 5 minutes--and both turned out good, and rather similar results. I think I prefer the 5 minute steep most: it never got too bitter for me, but was a little more aromatic and full-bodied. I steeped only once, but the spent leaves still smelled a bit like bergamot so I'd imagine a second steep might be possible.

Because I found this one so forgiving about brewing, I'd especially recommend it to people with a habit of oversteeping their tea.

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