Review of (Shan Lin Xi) High Mountain Concubine Oolong Tea

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A roasted tea with a mellow, warm, homey quality. I thought this an exceptional tea, definitely my favorite one sampled from Eco-Cha, but ranking among my favorite oolongs ever sampled.

The dry leaf smells of rich roast, with a background of honey-like qualities.

Upon brewing it becomes much more complex. Aroma of light roast, honey, wood. I don't find this tea matches Eco-Cha's's not particularly floral and I'm not noticing the dry finish either. The finish seems slightly sour and there's a faint metallic note. Yet the flavor overall is very rich and enjoyable.

Once it had cooled, I found this eminently pleasing to drink, enjoying it to the last drop. When hot and brewed strongly, there was a sour note in the finish I found somewhat unpleasant.

I strongly preferred shorter steeping times, using a little more than one teaspoon of leaf (which is a lot, since the leaves unfurl) and starting with a 1 minute infusion. This brewing method was more mellow overall, but it also brought out a minty note in the aroma that I didn't notice when using longer steepings. Easily makes 3 infusions in a mug, but 4 is not difficult with shorter steepings.

I also found this tea tended to separate out into different flavors, when drunk in a mug. It really benefitted from stirring, because the flavors I liked most seemed to sink to the bottom of the cup.

Very pricey. This is an outstanding tea though, and the leaf stretches very far.

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