Review of Jasmine Green (Formerly Monkey King)

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This tea had a strong jasmine scent that was very pleasant. The green tea wasn't as distinct of a scent for me, though once I began sipping it was definitely counter-balancing the jasmine. This one tasted a *lot* like flowering teas I've had in the past.

For the second steeping, I added a bit of honey, but found that it almost overwhelmed the tea's flavors. I didn't think I was putting in an excessive amount, but it's worth noting that a little bit goes a long way.

Finally, I should add that I have a tea kettle with digital temperatures and, since it was a green tea, I boiled the water at 175 F.

Definitely not a bad tea, and if you like jasmine I suspect you'll love it, but I would have prefered a stronger green tea aroma and taste to go with the jasmine. This one simply fell short of hitting the spot for me.

Update: The first time I made this was at home with my precisely heated kettle and filtered water. I've tried it again at work, which has a machine that dispenses hot, filtered water. Also, I added a little sugar. I'm not sure if the water quality is different or if I need to adjust the brewing temperature at home, but I definitely liked the tea better at work. How odd. It's still not a favorite, but I'm glad I tried it under different circumstances.

Update 2: I tried this at home again with unfiltered tap water -- and I actually liked it more! The tea simply does better this way. Interesting!

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