Tea: Peach & Passion Fruit

A Fruit Black Tea from Ahmad Tea

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Brand:Ahmad Tea
Style:Fruit Black Tea
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Review of Peach & Passion Fruit

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It's a select group of fruit-flavored teas that I like, and it's even less frequent that there's an inexpensive one in a tea bag that is among my favorites--but this is one of these teas.

Aroma is fruity but pungent and deep; the fruitiness is not transient or fleeting, but rather is persistent, and accompanied by deep herbaceous tones.

Flavor is strong and bitter, but in a pleasant way. This in not a light, frivolous fruity tea. The base tea has a very bold presence. The cup is dark and full-bodied.

Overall I found this tea to be complex for a tea bag, almost enigmatic.

Very enjoyable to the last sip. Definitely the most enjoyable fruit-flavored tea in a tea bag that I've tried in a long time. And a great price!

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