Review of Lung Ching (Lungching) Green Tea

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The first inexpensive dragon well or long jing green tea that I've tried that I thought worth drinking. A relatively low grade of dragon well, but recognizable as its style, and pleasant.

Dry leaf looks quite broken, honestly doesn't look the best quality, but it has a rich and pleasing aroma. The aroma resembles a classic dragon well, but is also fairly smoky, a quality I normally don't associate with this style of tea.

The smokiness doesn't come through quite as much in the brewed cup. Flavor is bold and strong. Has a slightly more cooling quality, a little more brisk than a typical dragon well. Imagine a dragon well that has moved ever-so-slightly in the direction of chun mee or a high-quality gunpowder tea. Moderate astringency, enough to impart a full-body but not so much as to be unpleasant.

I was easily able to brew two cups from the same set of leaves. The second cup had a rather metallic finish, but besides that it was enjoyable. Normally I find dragon well to be a tea that is very easy to brew (hard to oversteep) but I found this tea slightly harsher if brewed too strongly.

Definitely not a high grade of dragon well or long jing, but very good for its price, and very if brewed carefully. Wegmans Dragon Well is, I think, better, but it's also significantly more expensive.

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