Tea: Cherry Black Tea

A Fruit Black Tea from Impra Tea

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Brand:Impra Tea
Style:Fruit Black Tea
Region:Sri Lanka / Ceylon
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Another tea bag purchased from Bell's Market in NE Philly. I was expecting to like this flavored tea a lot less than the blackcurrant, because I tend to like blackcurrant as a flavoring with tea much more than cherry.

This has an artificial-smelling cherry scent. It smells more like cherry syrup or an artificially-flavored cherry cake, rather than fresh cherries or natural cherry jam. However, the flavoring is much less dominating or overwhelming than it was with the blackcurrant, and the aroma of the base tea comes through a little more.

Very sour though, much more than is typical for black tea. I found the sourness to really detract from my enjoyment of this blend.

I can definitely taste the black tea and it tastes good...it's like a classic Ceylon, medium-bodied, with a hint of floral tones, and tones of rice.

Much more enjoyable than the blackcurrant blend...surprising to me as I hadn't expected to like this one as much.

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