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A Green Tea from Red Mansion

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My round green paper cylinder of this tea does not look like the one pictured, nor does the tea resemble the 1st reviewer's tea leaves.

I was given this tea by someone who was returning from the Phillipines and/or Singapore so perhaps it is packaged differently and a different source.

The leaves are not dry and almost no twigs. Almost all the type is in Chinese except for "Red Mansion" and the description as green tea (same as given on this page).

It is not terribly aromatic and definitely astringent but not in a bad way.

I have no idea of cost (being gifted it) but it probably was not expensive. I like it very much and reach for it before Jasmine tea.

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Alex Zorach wrote:
on February 24th, 2014

Welcome to RateTea and thank you for your first review!

This is a tricky one...it's hard to know if this is the same company, brand, and batch of tea. Some of these companies can be unpredictable. I think in many parts of the world, China included, the traditional ways in which business was done doesn't have the same concept of "brands" the way we do in the Western World. With globalization, a lot of Chinese companies have adopted these, but there are also lots of "unbranded" things on the market, as well as brands that are inconsistent--in that the brand might look the same and the product might look the same or similar, but upon buying it it might be a completely different type of tea.

I've also been thrown for a loop by some companies that sell a lot of different products for different markets. For example, I like Ten Ren tea, and they sell "pouchong" tea, loose-leaf in their stores, which I think is outstanding. They also have a boxed product which they sell in other stores, which I think is not any good, and doesn't even resemble the tea sold in their store at all.

So it may be that you have a really different batch of things...but unless these companies are going to label them in more distinctive ways, there's not much we can do to sort them out! It's a little unfortunate, because it makes it harder to spread the word when we discover a product we really like!

imagardener wrote:
on February 24th, 2014

My container (stiff white cardboard) is round and about 8" or more tall, foil inside and fairly air-tight because of how close the top slides on. Probably for the Asian market rather than US.

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