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Red Mansion

Last Updated: Mar. 7, 2018

About Red Mansion

Red Mansion is a brand of Chinese tea owned by Zenith Import Inc., a company based in New York City. Red mansion sells both tea bags and loose-leaf tea, and is available in some Asian markets and online through Amazon Marketplace.

We have little information about this brand; if you know more about it, please contact us!

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Picture of Jasmin Green Tea

Jasmin Green Tea

Style:Jasmine Tea
Picture of Special Oolong Tikuanyin Iron Goddess of Mercy

Special Oolong Tikuanyin Iron Goddess of Mercy

Style:Tie Guan Yin
Picture of Dragon Well Green Tea

Dragon Well Green Tea

Style:Dragon Well (Long Jing)

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(9 reviews)
80 / 100
Picture of Green Tea

Green Tea

Style: Green Tea – Region: China
Feb. 23rd, 2014

My round green paper cylinder of this tea does not look like the one pictured, nor does the tea resemble the 1st reviewer's tea leaves.

I was given this tea by someone who was returning from the Phillipines and/or Singapore so perhaps it is packaged differently and a different source.

The leaves are not dry and a...

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Alex Zorach
(1448 reviews)
50 / 100
Picture of Green Tea

Green Tea

Style: Green Tea – Region: China
May. 24th, 2013

My dad bought this at an Asian market and I tried it. The dry leaf of this tea has a dark, dusty, and wiry appearance, with a lot of twigs but also with a surprising abundance of silvery tips--more than I'd expect from a tea in this price range. The leaf is not very aromatic though; it didn't smell terribly fresh.


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Picture of Green Tea

Green Tea

Style:Green Tea
2 Ratings

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