Tea: A Rabbit's Garden

A Flavored Green Tea from Della Terra Teas

This tea has been retired/discontinued.

Picture of A Rabbit's Garden
Brand:Della Terra Teas
Style:Flavored Green Tea
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Review of A Rabbit's Garden

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The aroma is vegetal and peachy, mixing corn, vegetation, and peas. It certainly smells like a garden! The brewed leaves smell like spinach, peas and corn with a faint hint of peaches, it is a little odd.

The taste is surprisingly good, like really surprising for a tea made out of peas and corn. Imagine drinking veggie broth (made from the instant dip or soup mix that comes in packets) and then immediately drinking peach juice. And having both tastes in your mouth. It is a strange blend of flavors but it not unpleasant. There are notes of peach, spinach, tart lemons, it is very vegetal and very fruity. Once the tea cools the corn adds a bit of a nutty taste, the aftertaste is lemony and sharp and leaves a dryness in the mouth.

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