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strong peppermint smell of course, but also an off the teabag or something...not a big fan....not other flavor, just straight like a candycane dipped in hot water...

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Alex Zorach wrote:
on March 21st, 2014

I know what you mean about the candycane smell of this one. I realized I haven't actually written a review of this tea yet but I definitely remember trying it and being unimpressed.

My family grows several kinds of mint, and as a kid, I transplanted a peppermint plant to our took over, oddly preferring this heavily-shaded patch in the far back of the yard, under a holly tree, and we ended up with tons and tons of it, a basically unlimited supply.

Brewing up the whole mint plant (we'd throw whole stems with leaves attached, in a pot and steep them, and we'd dry whole stems at a time for winter), it still gives that candy-cane smell, but it has a sort of depth to's like I'm still tasting the leaves, more complex, more going on. I just can't stomach these flat peppermint tea bags after that--haven't tried a single brand I like.

I totally recommend finding someone who has some in their garden if you haven't ever tried it fresh!

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