Review of Laoshan Apothecary Green

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The blend of herbs is a blend of savory and faintly sweet with sharp notes of mint. The mint and basil are the most prominent notes with a finish of coriander and fennel.

The taste of this tea is pleasantly savory, blending strong herbaceous notes with cooked spinach. The herb bread analogy from earlier is holding up, the tea has a slightly yeasty quality and is loaded with the taste of basil and coriander. At the finish there is a cleansing kick of mint that really seems to cleanse the palate and cool the mouth and stomach. I always enjoy teas that have a cooling sensation. The mouthfeel of this tea could be described as silky, it is very smooth and pleasant. As it cools the tea gets sweeter.

I was lucky enough to get more than one steep from this tea.

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