Review of Apple Meadow (Formerly Green Apple)

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An impressive tea--not the sort of blend that I tend to ever like, and I found this quite pleasant.

I found it really interesting that Bare Tea released an apple-flavored tea, since I thought their masala chai actually had an uncanny apple flavor to it. This tea does remind me a bit of that one.

I tend not to like the "green apple" flavor when it's in candy or most flavored teas, because it usually tastes very artificial. But this tea is different. The flavoring tastes much more natural. The fruitiness is deeper and more complex.

The base tea is fairly nondescript. If it is the same tea as Bare Tea's plain sencha, then its complexity is masked by the flavoring, because I thought that was an unusually good sencha for a tea bag. This tea has a sort of dry mouthfeel, somewhat astringent, and subdued, a bit dusty, but not unpleasant.

This is not my favorite tea, but take my review in the perspective that I tend to hate anything that is flavored with green apple. I was pretty impressed with this company's ability to execute the first green apple flavored anything that I actually enjoyed.

Bare Tea recommends a brief steeping, and I agree. This tea is relatively strong tasting and I find it tastes better when brewed mildly. A brief steeping also leaves enough flavor for a second cup, which will be gone if the first steep is too long.

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