Tea: Zen Full Leaf

A Flavored Green Tea from Tazo Tea

This tea has been retired/discontinued.

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Brand:Tazo Tea
Style:Flavored Green Tea
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Review of Zen Full Leaf

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Of all of Tazo's teas, I think this one is the most changed from the flat tea bag version to the full leaf version. It's vaguely recognizable but I find, while I hated the old version, this was quite pleasant to drink.

The first cup, which I steeped about 2 minutes (and it was plenty strong) was a rich golden color, slightly opaque. The dominant aroma was spearmint. The mint has some of the typical candy-like spearmint smell, but it also has a deeper herbaceous character, with some complexity, a lot like home-grown mint that I dry myself.

There is a very mild green tea presence; I can't really notice much tea in the flavor, and I noticed little effect of caffeine after drinking this. I suspect the base tea may only impart a slight body and little else.

Flavor is subdued, very mildly sour, with a slight muted bitterness. A bit boring to drink, and the first cup leaves a weird aftertaste in my mouth.

I brewed a second cup, steeping longer, although I did not time it. This cup tasted completely different from the first: it had a much crisper mouthfeel, with a little bite or kick up-front. Aroma is much more lemony and much less minty. I found this cup had less sourness and left a cleaner aftertaste.

Quite good. I would order it again. Much more like an herbal tea than a flavored green tea; I couldn't sense much of the tea in either cup.

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