Tea: Joy Full Leaf

A Miscellaneous Tea-only Blend from Tazo Tea

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Brand:Tazo Tea
Style:Miscellaneous Tea-only Blend
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Sampled at the Starbucks at Woodland Green, West Philadelphia.

I have a sneaking suspicion that this is the same tea as, or at least inspired by, the now-discontinued tea "Tazo Montage", which I never got a chance to review.

Brews up a rich golden-brown cup, about the color of a darker oolong, clearer than a black tea. Very fragrant cup, floral, and also suggesting lemon. Flavor is more sour than expected for a pure tea. It's hard for me to separate out which aromatic qualities are reflective of the green, which of the black, and which of the oolong in this blend.

Upon drinking, fruity and malty tones emerge, a lot like the full-leaf version of Tazo Awake, or like in a smoother, darker black tea. Suggests raisins or dates.

I recommend a 2 minute steeping for a pretty strong cup. I think this tea could become too strong if steeped too long. There's more than enough flavor left in the sachet for a second cup.

Very good, but I think the sourness slightly detracted from my enjoyment. I enjoy brisk teas like chun mee, with a crisp bite and a tangy quality, but I found the softness of this tea made the sourness bother me a bit.

I prefer the aroma of this cup to all else, the floral fragrance is wonderful. It smells quite different from the orchid fragrance that characterizes some oolongs; I think it's more like honeysuckle or camellia blossoms, perhaps a tiny bit like clematis. I think it's worth trying this tea just to experience its wonderful floral aroma.

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