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A Genmaicha from Ten Ren Tea

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An above-average genmaicha, with a bolder green tea presence and less rice. The base tea is smooth, fruity, and less vegetal than typical for Japanese green teas.

The dry tea bag, which is a flat paper bag filled with relatively intact whole leaf tea, didn't smell great, but as soon as I poured water over it, a very pleasing smell of toasted brown rice emerged.

The tea bag said to steep for 6-8 minutes, which seemed on the long side, but I tried it anyway, and it produced very good results. Brewed up a very clear, greenish-golden cup.

Much bolder green tea presence than in most genmaicha. Tastes more like bancha then sencha. I almost taste a grain-like quality in the base tea, suggesting of corn, and separate from the toasted rice aroma, which is lighter and more like an overtone on top of the tea's aroma. The tea is also slightly fruity. Very smooth flavor, even if making a long steeping.

Looking at the brewed tea bag, there's much more tea leaf than rice, which is reflected in the flavor.

I'd happily drink this again. It's a little pricey, around $5 for 18 tea bags, but this makes it cheaper than the high-end brands of whole-leaf tea sachets, and I think it's more in that category than the flat tea bag category.

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