Tea: Jasmine Downy Pearls

A Jasmine Pearls from Mighty Leaf Tea

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Brand:Mighty Leaf Tea
Style:Jasmine Pearls
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I love jasmine teas, and this one is very enjoyable. It's $24.95 for 3 oz. and since Mighty Leaf has coupons/sales pretty regularly, it can be picked up for even less.

The unbrewed tea smells lovely. I usually steep this for around 2-3 minutes and the jasmine aroma while brewing is noticeable.

I've only tried one other jasmine pearl tea, and this one comes in second. I enjoyed the flavor, but I think the shorter brew times are best because it starts to get a little bitter at longer steeps.

I'd love to get some samples of this style from different vendors and see if I can pick up on the differences.

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