Tea: Raspberry

A Fruit Black Tea from Adagio Teas

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Brand:Adagio Teas
Style:Fruit Black Tea
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Review of Raspberry

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I'm bummed about this one. I'm glad I bought a small sample size to try. The un brewed and brewed aromas are excellent, but the flavor is lacking.

This was brewed as directed. I used boiling water in the French press for 3 min. That seemed too short for a black tea, so I sampled and it was weak. Let it go to 4.5 minutes. The flavor was stronger, but I'm still missing the raspberry.

It just tastes like plain black tea. Unfortunately, that's not what I was looking for.

Edit (050814) made this as a cold brew overnight using a little more tea than was recommended per cup. The raspberry aroma and flavors are improved. I wouldn't purchase again, but this is definitely drinkable as a cold brew. Updated rating, 50 to 60.

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